scandalf thwartes anonymous

be thou happy or is that a gun in your codpiece?

Scandalf thwarters anonymous
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First allow me to tell you, young wanderer, the story of Scandalf, misguided twin of Gandalf (all credit for his discovery to no_sci_fi_name, she is wonderously imaginative). He spreads scandal and gossip wherever he goes, pouring doubt into the minds of the clear hearted. Now let me tell you of Bob. Bob is the fish in my watch. he was created by Scandalf many moons ago, but has since turned against his misguided master, and devoted his life to thwarting the Scandal he was designed to create. We plucky few have been chosen, or choose to aid Bob in his quest and right the wrongs of Scandalf, thwarting the spread of gossip and mistrust. Join us if you will, and remember, other quests, adventures, or highly amusing characters are always welcome here.