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Cake Wednesday - scandalf thwartes anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Scandalf thwarters anonymous

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Cake Wednesday [Nov. 24th, 2004|01:44 pm]
Scandalf thwarters anonymous
Forsooth, for 'tis Cake Wednesday. As wholesome and joyful as Scandalf is sickly and doomish, this festival continues to light up my life.
This of all Cake Wednesdays is particularly special, for we have found distant friends who, (dare I say it) scandalously also created a Cake Wednesday of their own. The resistance grows!
Brownies fill Cake duty this Wednesday, and I hear they're most outstanding.
Vive le randomance!

[User Picture]From: naidel
2004-11-25 01:58 pm (UTC)
Vive le randomance! the cry echos through distant halls, and the word spreads like wild fire from house to house "the rebellion cometh..."
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